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Market Update: 08-06-18


John Lynch Chief Investment Strategist, LPL Financial | Jeffrey Buchbinder, CFA Equity Strategist, LPL Financial

Last week we had the pleasure of joining just over 3,500 LPL advisors at our Focus 2018 national conference in Boston. Many of you reading this were likely among them. The conference is an excellent opportunity for us in the LPL Research department to interact directly with our clients, and to learn about what they like and don’t like so we can better tailor our publications and investment options to them. Focus also gives our advisors a chance to ask us questions about the markets. In this week’s commentary, we share the most frequently asked questions from Focus 2018.

Will we have a full-blown trade war?

It’s no surprise this one made the list. We may get further escalation of trade tensions, and some of the possible retaliatory actions from China, such as boycotts of U.S. products sold in China or disruptive regulatory hurdles that make it difficult for U.S. companies to operate, are no doubt concerning. Supply chains could be significantly disrupted, driving up costs and causing production delays for manufacturers...

Download the complete PDF with graphs here.

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